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  • Targets Sagging Skin
  • Accomplish Results in One Session
  • Micro-Invasive
  • No Stitches
  • Minimal Downtime

Ready to say goodbye to sagging neck skin, jowls, or excess skin from weight loss? ThermiTight is the first cosmetic procedure to deliver controlled thermal energy under the skin to combat signs of aging and tighten the skin. A great option for patients wanting to avoid surgery, ThermiTight offers results that are more dramatic than other non-invasive procedures can provide. Safe and effective, ThermiTight is great solution for problem areas on the face, neck, tummy, and thighs.

Who is a Candidate for ThermiTight?

If you have slight to moderate looseness of your skin or a small amount of excess fat, but are not quite ready for surgical procedures, ThermiTight may be the perfect procedure for you. This treatment has the unique advantage of tightening the skin and simultaneously reducing volume in stubborn areas, including the underarms, love handles, knees, and jawline. The best candidates have relatively early loose skin, and desire a degree of both fat reduction and sculpting.

How Does ThermiTight Work?

After a small amount of anesthetic is injected into the area to be treated, we will insert the ThermiRF™ probe into the skin to target the tissue. Using small movements, we will use the ThermiRF to heat up the tissue until desired results are achieved. Your skin safety will be monitored throughout the entirety of the procedure, which typically lasts 30-60 minutes. Shrinkage will occur immediately when the radiofrequency is applied, as it melts fatty tissue upon contact and tightens skin. When the treatment is complete, you can begin to see results in as soon as one month, with full results maturing at six to 12 months.




  • Accomplish Results in 3-4 Visits
  • Improves Aging Skin & Collagen Production around the eye and lip area.
  • Non-Invasive
  • No Downtime
  • Pain Free

Concerned with fine lines, wrinkles, and mild sagging in the delicate and harder-to-reach areas of your face, such as around the eyes and mouth? Now you can benefit from the same technology used by ThermiTight to treat more areas than ever!

ThermiSmooth is a small, handheld applicator that can be used to nonsurgically improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and moderately sagging or lax skin on the face.

Am I a Candidate for ThermiSmooth?

ThermiSmooth is a wonderful option for patients hoping to reduce visible signs of aging on the face but aren’t quite ready for surgery or don’t require a more invasive treatment to achieve their desired results

How ThermiSmooth Works

Did you know that when you heat collagen—the main structural protein in your skin—to a certain temperature, it shrinks and your body’s natural healing response is triggered? This means that fibroblasts in the area are stimulated to gradually produce new collagen, leading to a firmer, smoother appearance of the skin. ThermiSmooth harnesses your body’s natural ability to heal itself to safely and effectively undo common signs of aging.

Using the proprietary ThermiRF™ radiofrequency technology, ThermiSmooth delivers very precise amounts of heat energy to the treatment areas without causing discomfort and harming surrounding tissues. This energy goes through the skin (transcutaneously) and directly targets the fibroblasts located in deeper skin layers, making this treatment a truly nonsurgical anti-aging option. ThermiSmooth may be used alone or in conjunction with ThermiTight and other treatments.

Your ThermiSmooth Treatment

During your treatment, we will apply a small amount of coupling gel before the ThermiSmooth applicator is placed against your skin’s surface. To ensure your safety and comfort, the system is set to a very specific temperature and monitored throughout treatment. We will gently move the hand piece in a circular or sweeping motion along the treatment area as the skin is gradually heated. Once your skin’s temperature matches the target temperature, the energy output is automatically adjusted to ensure precise, controlled heating. Each area or “zone” is treated for around 5 minutes to sustain heating and ensure the desired results are achieved.

Many patients report that treatment feels like receiving a gentle, warm massage. Because treatment occurs at the surface of the skin, you should experience no swelling, bruising, or side effects, and you can get back to your normal activities right away. Your results will gradually improve over time as more and more collagen is produced in the area. Typically, patients benefit most from a series of four to six treatments, and you’ll likely be happy with your results for years to come.



  • ThermiVa safely, effectively and comfortably helps you achieve a physical and aesthetic benefit for vaginal rejuvenation and female sexual health.
  • No Downtime. Non-Surgical. No Anesthesia.


What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a NEW non-surgical procedure for labia and vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. ThermiVa is the first and only temperature controlled radio frequency system for women who want results in sexual desire (low libido), vaginal laxity, vaginal/vulvar dryness, mild to moderate stress incontinence, and sexual or orgasmic dysfunction without surgery.

Excessive relaxation of the vaginal muscles is a common occurrence after vaginal birth, or due to aging. Damage can diminish sensation during intercourse, reduce sexual satisfaction and change the relationship between partners. Laxity of the skin is caused by numerous factors; and no area is immune to this natural decline.

ThermiVa is at the forefront of improving vulvovaginal health for women at different ages in life, for young women, after childbirth and peri- and ideal for post-menopause aging women experiencing dryness.

How does it work?

ThermiVa Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation delivers controlled thermal energy to the desired areas – external (labia) and/or internal (vaginal). Applying heat to tissue has become the standard for promoting collagen remodeling, which helps strengthen the structural support columns and improve the integrity of the skin. ThermiVa encourages new, tighter collagen production and improved coordination of muscle activity and strength.

The complete ThermiVa procedure includes 3 separate treatments over a period of 3 months. There is no downtime and no anesthetics are required. Patients are comfortable, relaxed and very pleased with the noticeable results.

Benefits of ThermiVa:

  • Vaginal (internal) Tightening: ThermiVa tightens the vagina at the opening and the full length of the vagina reducing laxity that is noticeable to patient and partner.
  • Vulvar/Labial (external) Tightening: ThermiVa will tighten the external labial tissues and reduce sag or “camel toes.” It results in noticeably softer and smoother skin. Patients experience more comfort in tight clothing, and less self-consciousness in yoga pant and bikinis.
  • Decreased Dryness: ThermiVa adds softer and thicker skin and more moisture both internally and externally. For those experiencing Vaginal/Vulvar Dryness or Atrophic Vaginitis, ThermiVa makes daily life and sexual intercourse more comfortable without the use of hormones.
  • Reduced Incontinence or Leakage Accidents: Patients experience reduced accidents and leakage and even urge symptoms after treatment with ThermiVa. Women diagnosed with mild to moderate stress incontinence may avoid the use of mesh slings in their vaginas after treatment.
  • Increased Sexual Satisfaction: Patients can expect increased vaginal sensitivity, more coordinated and stronger muscular contractions, and ability to achieve stronger orgasms in a shorter time period.

Vaginal Rejuvenation with ThermiVA is not just an aesthetic procedure – it is a functional procedure. Many, if not most women, after the vaginal birth of their children or due to normal aging, will notice some loosening of the vagina. Frequently the vaginal muscles will be “stretched” and women may experience a reduce sensation of intimacy and/or orgasmic dysfunction. As well, stress urinary incontinence, such as involuntary loss of urine when laughing, sneezing, coughing, and/or exercising becomes a concern as they lose muscle tone, strength, and control.