I suffer from hidradenitis suppurativa.  I spent ten years seeing numerous doctors looking for a name for this disease, let alone one that was willing to treat it.  That is until I was referred to an angel in the form of a MD.   Dr. Mona Rane.  Dr. Rane not only knew what the disease was, but she was willing to treat it aggressively.  Dr. Rane is kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable.  If you suffer from HS, forget the big cities and come to Liberal, KS and meet an angel.

~Joanne Oliphant

Dr. Rane performed upper blepharoplasty in Summer 2008 and lower blepharoplasty in 2009. Dr. Rane was able to remove the excess skin from both eyes which made me feel younger.  I had no difficulties from the procedure and was able to resume work within two days. I'm very happy with the results.

Sherry Stebens

After losing 60 lbs., I consulted Dr. Rane and with her help was able to have an extended "tummy tuck" paid for by my insurance. This surgery was life-altering for me. It allowed me to enjoy the benefits of weight loss that the excess skin left on my abdomen prevented and as such has motivated me to keep it off. What it did for my self esteem is immeasurable. Also, I'd like to add that Dr. Rane was always there for me during my recovery. I am very happy with my results and extremely grateful to Dr. Rane for all that she has done for me. She's a priceless gem in my eyes. 

 I came to Dr. Rane after years of heart pain which was not really heart pain because it had been ruled out by two different heart specialists and their test including two heart caths 6 years apart.  When I had the breast reduction all the pain went away and has stayed away.  An unexpected benefit I noticed 4 weeks after surgery was that I can breathe easier and my lungs don't hurt when breathing.  I am so happy with my new size because it feels great and people no longer start at my breasts.  Also, clothes fit so much better.  An added result is less headaches due to less stress in my back and neck muscles.  It has been the greatest thing that I did for myself.

~Jane Doe

 Yo me hice aumento de pechos y liposuccion y estoy sumamente contenta.  Mi auto estima se mejoro mucho, me siento realizada como mujer despues de mis 40.