Otoplasty - Ear Reshaping Surgery

If you are considering reshaping your ears
Some of us born with ears that are not shaped correctly. This is more common than you think. One just needs to look at Prince Charles and you may feel you have something in common with the British Royal family. Many children are teased in school due to the protruding ears. It bothers them a lot. Protruding ears can be corrected during childhood or during adulthood. Normal ears have a fold that sets it back close to the head. This fold is sometimes absent in children at birth. As a result of this the ear cannot fold back and tends to stick out. Sometimes the cartilage in the central part of the ear is also too large and deep, making the ear stick out further. It commonly affects both sides but sometimes affects one side only. The problem can be more severe on one side and less on the other.

Initial Consultation
During the initial consultation, I will examine your or your child’s ear and see whether there is any abnormality in the shape and size of the ear. I will also measure the extent of protrusion over the upper, middle and lower part of the ear.

The Surgery
The surgery can be performed at any age after three years. It is not unusual for adults to come for surgery too. The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia in my office for adults/older teens but requires general anesthesia for a child. The procedure takes one to one and half hours to perform.

The surgery involves placing an incision behind the ear in the fold and involves removing some skin. The cartilage in the ear is scored to recreate the fold that was missing. The fold that is created is very natural and thereby making it very difficult for anyone to know that a surgery had been performed on the ears.

Dr. Rane has performed many of these procedures with a technique that is unique and involves scoring the cartilage in a specific way that allows creation of a fold that is rounded and looks just like a normal ear fold (see before and after pictures below).

After the surgery stitches are placed to close the incision and a head bandage is applied to reduce the swelling. The head bandage needs to be worn for five to seven days. After that a tennis head band can be worn for 10 days. No contact sports for six weeks are essential to prevent injury to the ears.

Getting Back to Normal
The swelling subsides very quickly following the surgery. There may be some tenderness on the cartilage for a few weeks.

All Surgery Carries Some Uncertainty and Risk
When a ear reshaping surgery is performed by Dr. Rane, complications are infrequent and usually minor. You will have swelling over your ears which will take 7-10 days to subside. You can rarely develop a hematoma or collection of blood. If it does you may require an additional surgery to remove the blood clots. Infection is extremely rare after this procedure. Rarely one ear may protrude more than the other by a small degree but generally the extent of asymmetry is minor.

Your New Look
As your swelling on your ear subsides you will start seeing the results of the surgery. You will see that your ear fold outline will be more defined and your ears will look normal and natural. You will look in the mirror and thank yourself for doing this to yourself.