If You're Considering Liposuction...
Liposuction or suction lipectomy is a very popular procedure to remove fat from unwanted area. These include the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, chin, cheeks, and neck, liposuction, Over the years many refinements have been added to the procedure. These new techniques include ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (UAL), Power assisted liposuction, SmartLipo® the tumescent technique, and the super-wet technique. The newer techniques allow better definition of the areas where liposuction is performed and at the same allows the surgeon to reduce the swelling and bruising after the surgery. Keep in mind that liposuction works best if you have localized areas of fat deposits which are stubborn and fail to disappear after exercises. Liposuction cannot help reduce weight.
If there is any excess skin it is common to add a surgical removal of the skin along with the liposuction. The younger the patient the better the elasticity and lesser is the need to excise the skin.
The following information will help answer your questions. There might be more questions that were not answered but please do not hesitate to ask me.

Plan for Your Surgery
During your initial consultation I will examine the areas where you want to have liposuction performed. I will also discuss with you where the liposuction will be performed, the location of the small incisions and the final outcome that can be expected. The total amount of liposuction that can be done will be estimated so that you know that liposuction can be done safely for you. I will also discuss which I s the best method of liposuction and finally what will be the best combination for you.

Where Your Surgery Will Be Performed
The procedure will be performed in an outpatient surgery center. If a large amount of liposuction is performed or if it is combined with a procedure it may require an overnight stay at the medical center.

Anesthesia For Liposuction
Small volume liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia but moderate to large volumes of liposuction need to be performed under general anesthesia.

The Surgery
It is difficult to predict the time required to perform this surgery. Small area liposuction can be performed in an hour but a longer time is needed when three to five areas undergo liposuction.
The techniques vary depending on what is the best procedure for you. A small incision is made a fluid I injected into the site undergoing liposuction. This fluid makes it easier to remove the fat and at the same time reduces the amount of bleeding and bruising. A tumescent technique or a super wet technique will be used for injecting the amount of fluid. After waiting for five a very small cannula measuring 3-4 mm (size of a pencil) will be inserted and connected to a strong medical suction. The cannula is moved back and for the till all the fat has been taken out. Sometimes a mechanical vibrating cannula is used and sometimes a ultrasonic probe is used to help the process of removal of the fat. Once the necessary amount of contouring is done the very small incisions are closed and pressure garment is applied.

How does Dr. Rane differ from other surgeons?
Dr. Rane uses Power Assisted Liposuction® (PAL) technique to perform large volume liposuction. This unique and latest technique allows him to use a liposuction cannula (hollow tube) to vibrate very rapidly. The MicroAire Power Assisted Lipoplasty Device uses a 2-mm reciprocating movement at 4000 cycles per minute to facilitate the movement of the cannula in tissue. This vibrating movement allows the fat cells to break very easily making it easier for the fat to be removed. PowerLiposuciton technique allows larger quantity of fat to be removed quickly making your surgery quicker and causes less mechanical trauma and bruising to the surrounding tissue. To learn more about this product please visit this website:

After liposuction many surgeons leave a tummy that looks flat and has no contours. A youthful tummy always has some areas that are convex (bulging) and some areas that are concave (hollow). Typically the area around the upper part of belly button is hollow but the area under the belly protrudes just a little. There is often a line that runs from the rib cage to the belly button further enhancing the shape of abs. If you want he can also create the appearance of well defined abs on your tummy too.

Dr. Rane strives very hard to give you a very natural look. He uses very special cannulas to prevent rippling in your skin which can occur after liposuction.

Many women look great from the front after liposuction but unfortunately when they look in the mirror or try to wear designer jeans with a low cut, they find that the fat still bulges from the lower back (muffin top). Dr. Rane  turns you on your tummy and on your sides during the surgery so he can specifically address the fat in this area. This creates a concave contour of the lower back and not only highlights your waist but also further enhances the projection of your buttock. (see before and after pics below). You not only look great from the front but from the back too. Say goodbye to folds in your back under your bra.

And that’s not all. Most surgeons will discard the fat that has been removed from liposuction. Dr. Rane can re-inject the clean and purified fat back into areas where you lack. The commonest area to re-inject is into your outer and central buttocks to further enhance your shape. To learn more about this click here:

Risk of the Surgery
Liposuction is a very safe surgery if it is performed by a trained surgeon and if the volume of the liposuction is kept below 5-6 liters. Large volume liposuction can produce excessive movement of fluid and can create complications from fluid overload. I keep my extent of liposuction less than six liters and therefore keep the risk of complications to a minimum. Some patients may notice some irregularity in their skin surface and some may have some temporary swelling. The swelling generally disappears in a few weeks but some areas may be stubborn and last for three months.

Getting Back to Normal
Healing progresses slowly and your patience will be essential. There will some firmness at the site of liposuction that will gradually soften and feel normal. Generally patients can go back to work within a few days if liposuction is very limited but it may take a few weeks if the areas are extensive or if you have had some additional surgery in association with the liposuction. The stitches will dissolve in a 10 days to two weeks. There will be some fluid drainage form the site of the incision at for the first one to two days. I will be monitoring you closely and will be available if you have any questions or concerns.

Your New Look
Once the swelling subsides you will notice the difference in the shape of your body. With every passing week you will continue to see the change until three to six months after surgery. You will look in the mirror and say “I am glad I did it”.

Maintain a good healthy diet and continue to exercise so that you can enjoy the result of the liposuction for a long time