If you are considering reshaping your labia

Some of us born with labia that are not shaped correctly. This is more common than you think. This can become a source of embarrassment or can project so much that it is difficult to maintain good hygiene in this area. As we age the labia (vaginal lips) can lose fat and this may make them look less youthful too. There are two lips to the vaginal area. The outer ones, labia majora can lose fat and look aged. The inner lips or labia minora can become stretched and can extend well beyond the labia majora. They need to be trimmed to make them look normal and not be source of bad hygiene.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, I will examine the area and find out what you wish to be altered. There is no need to perform an internal examination during the consultation. The consultation is performed in the presence of nurse with least discomfort so that you do not feel embarrassed.

The Surgery

The surgery can involve two steps depending on your request for alteration.

If you have the inner lips or labia minora that stretch beyond the outer lips then these can be trimmed by taking out the excess tissue. The incisions are placed on the inner side of the lips so that cannot be seen and the external appearance of the labia is still normal. The incisions are closed with a dissolving suture so that the sutures need not be removed.

If you wish to have some rejuvenation of the outer lips, microfat injection is performed. To do this, a small amount of liposuction is performed in the pubic area or the mons area at the level of the pubic hair. The fat is then purified and processed and re injected with fine cannulas (microfat). Microfat injection increases the survival of the fat making your results last longer.

The surgery lasts one to two hours depending on the extent of procedure.

The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia with oral Xanax and oral pain medications. Alternatively it can be performed under general anesthesia at a surgery center as an outpatient procedure.

Getting Back to Normal

The swelling subsides soon following the surgery. There may be some tenderness in this area. Intimate relationships can be started few weeks after surgery once the incision has healed.

All Surgery Carries Some Uncertainty and Risk

The procedure has minimal risks. There may some residual asymmetry. Rarely the incisions can remain tender for longer periods. There will be some bruising and swelling that may last longer than expected.