Buttock Reshaping

If you are considering Buttock Reshaping (Brazilian Butt augmentation)

You know the feeling. You love those designer jeans with the low cut. You try them on, but become frustrated because you just don’t look right. All you see is skin and fat bulging over the top of the jeans. Don’t you wish someone could take the fat away, put it back into the butt, and end up with a nice, round tush? If Jen Lo can have
it why can’t you?

Well, now you have a solution. No more muffin tops, and you can have a Jen Lo butt, too.

If you feel that you have just too much fat in your love handles and lower back, and you just cannot define where your back ends and your buttock begins, you are a candidate for liposuction and buttock augmentation with fat. Although you can have your tush augmented with a silicone buttock implant, complication rate with abnormal shape, scar formation around the implant, and fluid collection are far too common. The latest technique, which is a rave in Miami, involves injecting fat removed during liposuction back into your buttock in very specific areas to re-create the contour you are looking for. You have your own fat to augment (enlarge) your buttock with a minimal complication rate.

The following information will help answer your questions. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, I will examine the areas where liposuction is desired. We will also discuss the areas where the liposuction will be performed, the location of the small incisions, and the final outcome that can be expected. The total amount of liposuction will be estimated so that you know that liposuction can be done safely for you. I will also discuss the best method of liposuction and the best combination for you. I will examine your lower back and love handle area to determine which zones require most of the fat removal. I will also examine your buttock area and let you know specifically where liposuction will be performed, and where fat will be injected. Each person has a different shaped buttock and the plan is to create the shape and contour that best suits your body profile. The aim is not to create a large buttock but create a shapelier buttock.

Where Your Surgery Will Be Performed

The procedure will be performed in an outpatient surgery center. If a large amount of liposuction is needed, or if liposuction is combined with another procedure, an overnight stay at the medical center may be required.Anesthesia

General anesthesia is required to perform this procedure. The duration of the procedure may vary from two hours to four hours, depending on the amount of fat to be removed and re-injected.

The Surgery

The surgery consists of liposuction first and then re-injection of the fat as a second step. The incisions are tiny and barely visible. The fat is removed and injected through these tiny incisions.

Additional incisions may be necessary only if this procedure is combined with a tummy tuck.

Liposuction is performed using power assisted liposuction. I use the latest technique and equipment to perform large volume liposuction. This unique technique allows me to use a hollow tube (liposuction cannula), which vibrates very rapidly. The MicroAire Power Assisted Lipoplasty Device has a cannula (hollow tube) that moves back and forth very rapidly. This vibrating movement allows the fat cells to break easily, making it easier for the fat to be removed. Power liposuction technique allows larger quantity of fat to be removed quickly, making your surgery quicker, causing less trauma and bruising to the surrounding tissue. To learn more about the equipment and products I use for this procedure, please visit http://www.microaire.com/pal/index.html

A significant amount of liposuction is performed in the love handle, buttock and the lower and upper back area. This greatly enhances the curve of the lower back and creates a distinction between the back and the buttock (See before and after pictures below). I strive and take pride in giving my patients a very natural look. I use very special tubes to prevent rippling in the skin, which can occur following liposuction.

And that’s not all. Most surgeons will discard the fat that has been removed from liposuction. Dr. Rane can re-inject the clean and purified fat back into areas where you lack definition. The most common area to re-inject fat is into the outer and central buttocks to further enhance the shape. The fat that is removed during this procedure contains traumatized or damaged fat cells. These damaged fat cells are then removed, along with any other impurities. The healthy fat is transferred back into syringes and re-injected into the buttock. The re-injection is performed very selectively into various zones of the buttocks. The technique requires a high level of understanding of the underlying shape, and an artistic touch, to say the least. The final shape is customized to create a well-rounded and aesthetically correct buttock shape. All the injection and the liposuction are done through very small incisions measuring 1/8 inch in length.

Even performing liposuction of the lower back, buttock and love handle without any fat injection into the buttock can dramatically alter the shape of the waist and enhance the shape of the buttock.

Risk of the Surgery

Liposuction is a very safe surgery if performed by a trained surgeon, and if the volume of the liposuction is kept below 5-6 liters. Large volume liposuction can produce excessive movement of fluid and can create complications from fluid overload. I keep the extent of liposuction to less than six liters, therefore keeping the risk of complication to a minimum. Patients may notice some irregularity in the skin surface, and some may experience temporary swelling. The swelling generally disappears in a few weeks but some areas may be stubborn and last for up to three months. Generally, some firmness and tightness may be felt in the buttocks for three to six weeks. Very rarely the fat may not completely soften and may become infected, a rare condition which may require removal of this small area of fat. Swelling subsides and final results are seen in six weeks to three. It is worth the wait.

Getting Back to Normal

Healing progresses slowly and patience will be essential. Staying off the buttocks for one week following surgery will be required, and sleeping on your sides and not on your back will be essential. A small degree of firmness at the site of liposuction will gradually soften and feel normal. Generally patients can go back to work within a few days if liposuction is very limited but it may take a few weeks if the areas are extensive or if you have had some additional surgery in association with the liposuction. The stitches will dissolve in 10 days to two weeks. A small amount of fluid may drain from the site of the incision for the first few days following surgery. I will be monitoring you closely and will be available if you have any questions or concerns.

Your New Look

Once the swelling subsides you will notice the difference in the shape of your body. With every passing week you will continue to see the change until three to six months after surgery. You will look in the mirror and say “I am glad I did it”.

Maintain a good healthy diet and continue to exercise, so that you can enjoy the result of your shapelier body for a long time.